...And what does this invitation to manage your personal resources entail?

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The first step is to identify your personal resources out loud or on paper (or both!). So what are some examples?

Personal resources can include, but are not limited to:

·        time (scarce by definition),

·        leadership

·        creativity

·        communication ability

·        money (may be scarce, but has the potential to grow),

·        inner strength, 

·        stress (if you let it work FOR you),

·        inborn gifts (talents),

·        developed gifts (skills),

·        energy,

·        self-esteem,

·        health,

·        motivation,

·        locus of control

·        assertiveness

·        your belief system

·        values, etc....

The list goes on!

The second step is to identify which of these (or some that you came up on your own!) are resources you're already capable of capitalizing effortlessly.

The third step is to identify which of these personal resources could use some more development in the capitalization/management department--the ones you wish to "work on."

The fourth step requires the most effort and is really a series of processes, but that does not necessarily mean you won't enjoy it. Here are some questions to ponder:

A) Let's use your interaction with people as an analogy and think about how you feel about each personal resource (love? hate? appreciation? frustration? calm?). Write down your answers, and have them available to consult, because it's not uncommon at all for these feelings to change.

B) Who plays the dominant role--you, or the personal resource?

C) How do you feel about the distribution of power between you and the personal resource? Are you comfortable with it?

D) After answering these questions, brainstorm alone or with others on strategies that can move this process along.

Consistently trying on these steps for size can do wonders for one's personal growth and development. So give it a try!


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