Carol Dickson-Carr is co-author of A Guide to Getting It: Purpose & Passion and creator of the "Master Your Time and Live Your Dreams: Conversations with Creatives and Coaches Who Get It Done!" audio series. Since 1990, she has taught and trained men and women from ages 17 to 65 to understand and implement many important life strategies. From California to Florida to Texas; four-year, community and business colleges alike, her goal has always been to have her students and program participants leave with practical skills they did not have before they experienced her programs.


The idea to teach and inspire non-traditionally through speaking engagements and publishing was actually born several years ago from her experiences as an instructor at  Orange County Business College in Anaheim,California .


One of the components she taught there addressed personal and professional development. It was particularly  gratifying when she was able to reach those students who had no belief in themselves because of the environments they were subjected to while growing up.

She has been coaching entrepreneurs for the past five years on how to leverage their (technical and personal) resources so they can beat overwhelm rather than become consumed by it. Her holistic strategies help entrepreneurs become more productive & profitable.

A social scientist by training, she is no stranger to research, statistics, interpreting and analyzing economic data, and the human condition.  She is currently an Adjunct Professor of Economics at Southern Methodist University; she also served as an analyst for the Florida Legislature for five years,* and has useful and investing experience to share, including the benefits and caveats of real estate investing. She is also the founder of the Florida corporation, Power-Ed Solutions, Inc., a leadership development company which has moved to TX and is now Managing Personal Resources, Inc.

*Though the committee she worked for dealt with numbers and the tax code, one colleague there referred to her fondly as the "committee shrink" because she thought it was important that we appreciate each other's quirks and differences better by understanding different temperaments and preferences. In fact, she convinced most of her coworkers from every job she had since she finished graduate school to take a personality instrument and allow her to give an overview of some of the theories and applications after they were shown their results!

Hobbies:  She absolutely enjoys reading, learning, brainstorming with cool people, drawing, painting, playing instruments, composing music, and singing.


Other Vitals

  • BA, Economics with a Minor in Marketing: California State University, Bakersfield

  • MA, Economics with an Emphasis in Public Finance: University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Past VP of Technology, American Society of Training and Development (Tallahassee Chapter)

  • VP Board Member of Empowering Women as Leaders

  • Over 100 hours of Coach Training at the Thomas Leonard School of Coaching

  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate

  • Enrolled in the Six Sigma Black Belt certification program at Kaplan University

  • Qualified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI®)