The social scientist in me has me in a constant state of "collect more data"! I'd be eternally grateful if you participated in at least one, if you haven't already. In each case you can be as anonymous or as visible as you choose. And everything collected is held in the strictest of confidence. Each survey has its own set of incentives for participating, which you will read about in each of the descriptions when you click the respective links.

  • The Market Research Survey: This ties to the seminars and workshops offered here. At first viewing, it might look a little like an assessment, but I assure you that the questions are merely for tracking trends and needs within specific demographic groups.

  • The Survey on the Joys and Challenges of Motherhood: Over the past few months, I've been in the process of writing a report that captures the essence of the above title of the survey. It's kind of lengthy, but interestingly, I have had the highest response rate to this particular survey. Mommies, I thank you!

  • The Personal Resource Survey: This is for my book project that was inspired by the data I've received so far from the motherhood survey (Self-Empowerment for Busy Women). This is the shortest survey I've ever created to date! It's almost an abridged version of the above two combined, but has a single focus--to find out which personal resources people are most interested in capitalizing.