What types of people do I coach and mentor?


  • Entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed by all the technological options out there on the internet (such as social media, podcasting, internet radio, shopping cart, autoresponders, etc.) and need to be guided with a step-by-step plan on where to start (and finish!)


  • Professionals who need a structure in place to manage all the aspects of their lives (their projects, environment, relationships, energy, physical space, finances, time, stress, etc.) so they can create more in less time while feeling healthier and happier


  • Creative people who have ideas and skills but aren't sure how to develop them into written form that can be leveraged into several media, including audio and video, so they can showcase their expertise without always having to be there in person.


  • Organizations with teams who'd like to enhance their productivity so they can work and play better together while implementing change (particularly in process improvement) --Call or email me for a complimentary 20 minute in-person presentation!



The above categories can stand alone or overlap one another.

What other optional nuggets do I offer?

  • A number of assessments and indicators (these include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® and assessments published by Inscape, such as the DiSC, the Time Mastery Profile, and the Coping and Stress Profile, to name a few)
  • Coaching clients receive my book and audio series free
  • Coaching clients receive one free interview showcase
  • A fun but rigorous, thought-provoking marketing program (for your ideas, your business, yourself) that will get you unbelieveable results.

What is my general style?

My default demeanor is one of being direct; however, diplomacy and empathy comes naturally as well. I have a warm and light-hearted conversational style. I am always fair, caring, and down to earth.  I do not have a one size fits all approach, but I do believe in the notion of an “Each one teach one” partnership. This means that our relationship would be a collaborative one. Communication is key, and I’ll be there to facilitate the process of moving you along. I can’t make you a success. Only you can do that. But I most definitely can help speed your process along, if you’re willing to go on the ride!

Characteristics that make it likely that we’ll be a good fit:

  • You take responsibility for your own actions when appropriate
  • You're an implementer
  • You don’t have a chip on your shoulder
  • You have a sense of humor
  • You are open-minded and not afraid to try something new
  • You are able to take as well as give constructive feedback
  • You respect your time and your coach's time
  • You don't make excuses
  • You like to have fun. :)
  • You're committed to the process for at least three months


45 Minute Exploratory/Collaborative Consultation-($250 Value)-- Email me at profdc at me dot com today if you're ready to clarify your purpose and goals, then have a plan designed for you based on our conversation. Please  put "Scheduling a Breakthrough Discovery Session" in the subject line.

Method of Payment: MasterCard, Visa, American Express through PayPal (you don't have to have a PayPal account)