Here is what others have to say...

"Maintaining focus and being held accountable are key to accomplishing goals and achieving success. Carol has the ability and the people skills to help clients stay on track and to get them to understand the role that personal responsibility plays in their personal and professional development. Carol has helped me tremendously by providing ideas and creative concepts that enabled me to move into the production phase with one of my projects. Carol’s style is relaxed and very progressive."

--Vincent T. Edwards "Mr. Speaker", Inspirational & Motivational Speaker, Tallahassee, FL

“I have to say that you have inspired me to seek my true self and see what is there behind what I think should be there. You help uncover the stigmas that society seems to place on people.  You want people to reach beyond those areas. You've really encouraged me to not take what circumstances are and go for the bigger picture, by this I mean, there is more depth to me than what the outside looks like. I like that you make me think outside of the box, rather than what should be thought or allowed.”
--Leah Romero, Lake Elsinor, CA

“You have an amazing ability to remember and CARE ABOUT what others would consider trivial details concerning other peoples' lives.... in a good way, though, not in a "trivial" way--things that aren't trivial to the person involved, but would get written off as such by others. Those are the things that you remember and follow up on later. I see it as a function of your compassion and caring for others, that you make the effort to remember these details because you know they're a part of the other person, part of what makes them who they are.

Another important quality is your ability to be objective, looking at something from a different angle and then presenting it to someone from a perspective that they may not have seen before.”
--Debbi Heiser, Controller/Book-keeper, Portage, MI

“[Carol is] Positive, determined, *100%* professional at all times. Ready smile, able to remove obstacles and create new solutions (and provide wise insight into the nature of certain problems, which is essential to finding a solution), engaging and persuasive, but never pushy.”
–Patty McIntosh, Trainer, Mendon, VT

“Carol, you aren't limited to merely helping one find a way to deal with normal problems in scheduling, you are wise enough to see beyond, and into the foundation of the problem.  And that sort of flexibility is needed.  Intelligence is being able to give helpful advice for a concrete problem, and you have plenty of that.  But wisdom is the ability to reach beyond the concrete problem, and pull out the observations that form the basis of the problem ( ie -one can only do so much work in 9 hours.)  And finally, compassion.  You have compassion.  Intelligence, wisdom, and compassion.

I believe I was riding the curl of a nervous breakdown. I found your site as I was looking for tips on how to best use time. I believed that my best bet was to move to the metric 100 hour day, but I thought I would look for some time saving hints first, ‘cause that first day on the metric system is a killer.

I never had the time to actually formulate what was bothering me. The best part was, you actually validated me. I was thinking there had to be a way to do all this work. In fact, I WAS doing the work of three people, so no amount of effectiveness would get the job done. So I thank you, so much, for all that you have done for me, just by making me sit down and put it into words. The secret of it all is that you have to ask the right questions. And you surely asked the right questions.

As a result, a lot has happened in the last week! I got a substantial raise; got transferred to a different office; gave nearly half of my cases to the new hire and lost most of the problem cases in the process; got my own PERSONAL secretary, so the repetitious work is done for me; I got the new executive office suite; and the boss brought me a watercolor of pink roses for my office. Things are is sweet. You've helped a lot, and I'm grateful. Thank you!”
--P. King, Legal Professional, Illinois